DWI and CDL: Extra Restrictions and Risks for Commercial Drivers

There are stricter laws that apply to individuals with a commercial driver’s license, essentially driving home the importance of anyone who drives these larger vehicles needing to be as responsible as possible behind the wheel at all times. That’s why those with a CDL must be above reproach with their driving in all situations, even when they are not at work, meaning that offenses that are major when driving in a personal vehicle can become that much more severe for those with a CDL. In most cases, it can mean the loss of a job or even a career or, at the very least, a driver may have to take additional classes and pay heavy penalty fees to return to the road. So what types of infractions can most affect commercial drivers? If you have a CDL, you want to avoid tickets of any [...]

Consider Expunction to Remove your Criminal Record

Whether you are applying for a new job or a loan for a home or car, background checks are a routine part of life. For individuals who have a criminal record, these checks can make everyday applications a nightmare. There are a variety of situations under which you can apply for expunction and clear your criminal record of blemishes. Dismissed or Declined Case Even if your case was dismissed or declined from court, it will still appear on your criminal record. Since you were not prosecuted in these instances, they are usually the simplest cases to have expunged. Found Not Guilty Regardless of whether you were found guilty of a crime or not, potential employers will dislike seeing charges on your record and might pass up your resume just because of this. To remove this information and make the job or house hunt easier, [...]

Divorce and your Finances: The First Steps to Take

Whether you have just begun discussing divorce or are in the midst of your proceedings, there are a few important steps to take to protect your finances and ensure you will land on your feet when this difficult time is over. Recovering from divorce is a difficult and long process, both emotionally and physically. Ensure you are financially stable with this advice: Hire a Lawyer Where divorce is discussed, the first step you should take is to hire a lawyer to work with you on your settlement. Through this difficult and emotionally trying time, a professional can help you navigate your divorce with logical goals and objectives in mind. Review your Accounts In most marriages, one spouse handles the majority of the finances. Especially if you are not that spouse, it is important to perform a thorough review of your bank, credit card and [...]

Coping after a Divorce

After the dust has settled and your divorce is finalized, it is normal to wonder, “What now?” Divorce is a stressful and heartbreaking situation with a grieving process similar to that of losing a loved one. Until you experience this situation, it is impossible to tell how you will feel. Most individuals filter though a wide range of emotions as they recover from the loss of their partner and the tough divorce proceedings. After your divorce, remember that things will get better and allow yourself the time you deserve to grieve and recover from the loss of your relationship and the dreams and support that accompanied it. Take Care of Yourself While recovering from the shock, sadness and resentment that you may feel, it is important to remember to take care of yourself. Exercise and eat right, and remember to get enough sleep. Talk [...]

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