Things To Avoid During The Time Leading Up To Your Arrest and Trial

A statute of limitations is the length of time that may elapse before you can no longer be charged for a crime. Here in Texas, most misdemeanors have a two year statute, but serious felonies including murder and aggravated assault have no statute of limitations. Whether you have been in a single car accident that involved alcohol or are worried you may be caught for a drug related crime, it is important to make changes to your life before your arrest and during the time between your arrest and trial. Do Not Repeat Your Mistakes Make changes to your life and avoid the places and people that encourage the behavior that led to your arrest. Being arrested again will make for a much more difficult defense and will allow the judge to deny you bail. Avoid spending your pre-trail months in prison and ensure [...]

Texas DWIs Still Leading Nation

Texas is the leading state in the Union in fatal alcohol related car accidents. Drinking and driving was so engrained in the Texas culture, as a matter of fact, open container laws were not even passed until 2001. This made the Lone Star State among the last to release their grasp on the bottle while behind the wheel. Although it’s officially illegal, not all drivers are paying heed. Texas roads are especially dangerous when it comes to drunk drivers, and the facts are glaring when compared to the rest of the nation. Of all fatal accidents in 2011, 40% were still accredited to alcohol impairment and totaled 1,213. This compares to the nationwide average of only 30%. Given these stats, it’s obvious why law enforcement is doing their best to crack down on all drinking and driving statewide, especially in recent years. Giving less [...]

Keep Your Wits in the Face of the Law

The dazzling, almost incapacitating, flashing lights and blinding spotlight are reflecting off your rear view mirror as you sit in your driver’s seat. Parked on the shoulder of the road, you hear the all too familiar steady gravel-crunching steps up to your window. “Do you know why I stopped you?” Will your answer emit the odor of alcohol? You will know if the officer detected any signs of alcohol consumption when he asks those 6 little words every motorist dreads; “Pleas step out of the vehicle.” However, if you have been drinking and are pulled over by the police, stay calm and remember your rights, among them being the right to remain silent and the right to an attorney. The only thing you are required to do under law at the officers request is step out of your vehicle and not resist arrest. This [...]

Do you Trust Your DWI Attorney with Your Life?

When arrested for driving while intoxicated (DWI), in most states you face such punitive repercussions as losing your license, immense punitive fees and even possible jail time. Once you have been arrested for a mistake you may have made, your absolute best course of action is to consult a lawyer as quickly as possible. Moreover, seek a lawyer with a strong background in serving DUI/DWI defendants. Drinking is commonly accepted in our society as social lubricant. Alcohol is present or served at pretty much every gathering or event you have probably ever been to. So if you are ever caught behind the wheel with a few too many after a football game or leaving happy hour, you are not alone. Plenty of drivers have been in this situation before you, and plenty will be after you. With the right legal counsel, DUI/DWI offenders can [...]

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