Child Support Payments in Texas

Understanding Child Support in Texas At The Law Office of Brent Hill, we have spent many years helping our clients understand and navigate complicated family law issues. In our experience, no topic causes more confusion and angst quite like child support. No matter what kind of financial situation you or your spouses are in, it happens without exception that nobody is satisfied with how child support is calculated and awarded in a divorce or child custody case. The laws regarding child support are actually fairly straightforward but you should still seek the advice of an expert. Child support in Texas is a calculation of the net income of the payor parent multiplied by a percentage that is based on the number of children involved in your case. This blog will help you understand this calculation and other influencing factors so that you can better [...]

DWI Arrest in Texas: What do you do next?

Being arrested for a DWI is an embarrassing and difficult situation to navigate alone. Quick and informed action is needed to successfully beat your charges and avoid the loss of your license, an increase in your health insurance premium and more. No one expects to be pulled over for a DWI or DUI, but these charges occur on a regular basis and penalties are severe. If you are arrested on the suspicion of DWI in Texas, the first step to take is to hire an experienced DWI lawyer. To successfully navigate your case, a lawyer who knows the ins and outs of DWI law will be a great asset. If you refused to provide a blood or breath specimen, the quick hire of a lawyer is even more important. Once you have called your attorney, the next step to take is to request an [...]

Father’s Day: Rights of Fathers and Grandfathers in Custody Cases

Another Father’s Day has come and gone, and in a perfect world, every dad would have spent the day with his kids. But this is far from a perfect world, and too often fathers and grandfathers are pushed out of their children or grandchildren’s lives through parental alienation, distance, financial problems or other custody issues. The truth is that unless a father has been specifically prohibited from contact with his child, that dad has rights as a parent that sometimes have to be defended in court. We see this more and more now, as divorced moms move across the country or make it otherwise difficult for a father to have consistent visitation with his own children. First, let’s talk about the legal definition of a parent in Texas. A parent is defined as the mother, a man presumed to be the father, a man [...]

Getting Through Divorce in Denton or Cooke County

GETTING THROUGH DIVORCE Getting a divorce is never easy, and for those that are over 50,  going through a divorce brings a whole set of unique challenges. Facing a divorce as an older adult can be particularly challenging in its own way. Whether you were waiting for an empty nest or just generally unhappy, divorces can happen for any number of reasons. Moving into this next uncertain chapter later in life can be scary and overwhelming, but there are some simple things you can do to prepare yourself to help make things easier for what’s to come. Evaluate Your Finances It’s important to give a hard look at what income you are still making as well as any retirement, savings, and pensions that may be coming in. This will help you prepare for the practical side of your new life ahead. This is [...]

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