Few things are more strenuous than dealing with legal matters, and with so much at stake in the outcome, it’s vital that those involved are working with a lawyer they can trust.

The attorneys at Hill & Hill have built our office’s reputation by consistently going above and beyond to help our clients persevere through trying circumstances. Our law office specializes in a plethora of legal areas, including family, divorce and criminal law. We listen intently to our client’s circumstances, then formulate the best legal plan to help our clients get the results they desire.

Each of our attorneys has over 20 years of legal experience, and they have been on both sides of the courtroom, as they have spent time as prosecutors. Their experience and strong reputation in the legal community allows them to work closely with current prosecutors to arrange deals that make sense for our clients.

If you need a family, divorce or criminal defense attorney in Argyle, Texas, do not hesitate to contact Hill & Hill Attorneys at Law. We always return phone calls within 24 hours, and we provide you with a free initial consultation.