Losing Your License after a DWI Arrest

Imagine not being able to take a trip to the grocery store, drive your children to school or visit your parents across the state. Drivers who have been arrested for a DWI in Texas can quickly lose their license privileges, even before their criminal court case takes place. When a driver is arrested for a DWI, they will not only have criminal charges pressed against them, but there will also be a civil proceeding to determine whether or not their license will be suspended before the criminal court case takes place. Called an Administrative License Revocation (ALR) proceeding, the driver must request this hearing within 15 days of their arrest to try to prevent the loss of their driving privileges. While it is possible to apply for and attend this hearing on your own, it is a difficult case to win without experience and [...]

Divorced Parents And A Successful School Year

DIVORCED PARENTS AND A SUCCESSFUL SCHOOL YEAR Divorce can be hard on children and separate parent-teacher conferences will only make it worse. A new school year is almost here, making consistency especially important for your family. Navigating the new school year can be tricky for recently divorced parents, so follow our tips for a successful and enjoyable school year with your children: Stick to a Plan Once the school year begins there will be sports practice, concerts, field trips and more to consider. Although it may be painful, make the effort to sit down with your ex and plan all of these things out. Talk about who will pick the kids up from practice, who will take them on which long weekend and how field trips will be paid for. Once your plan is in place, do your best to stick to it [...]

Summer Music Festivals: Enjoy the Music, Not the Drugs

From SXSW to Ozzfest, the summer is filled with music festivals that fans can enjoy. With a festival centered around nearly every type of popular music, fans of nearly any genre can find a musical festival that fits their tastes, making for a fun day or weekend out with family or friends. While these music festivals are popular places to relax and watch music, they’ve also become a haven for recreational drug use. In the spirit of the festival, sometimes people make bad decisions and use these drugs if offered to them and end up paying the consequences. Police officers, both in uniform and undercover, are often present at these events and will arrest people they find who break the law. While you should never do illegal drugs, Hill & Hill Attorneys can help you if you are accused of making a bad decision. [...]

When Can Child Custody or Visitation Rights Change?

Unfortunately, when you and your spouse decide to get a divorce, the next step is discussing custody and visitation rights if you have children. It is important to understand, however, that a divorce decree is not set in stone and can change under certain circumstances. Texas law recognizes that as time goes on, circumstances can change, which means child custody and visitation rights can, too. Most importantly, these rights can only change if it is in the best interest of the child and one of the following situations occurs: Material and Substantial Change There are several situations which may qualify as a material and substantial change since the original child custody order or agreement was decided. The state of Texas considers such events as one parent remarrying, losing a job, suffering from a severe medical condition, an alcohol or drug habit, committing a criminal [...]

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