1. Get rid of your problems; the ammunition that will be used against you in court.
  2. Counselors: Denton County — Rhana Cutting: 940.312.7022 or Michelle Greer: 972.523.0000
  3. List of bad acts of you, your spouse, paramour, family or witness that opposing party will use against you. Any documents to support or challenge allegations.
  4. List of bad acts of opposing party, his/her spouse, paramour, family and witnesses and any documents to support their bad acts.
  5. List of your witnesses and opposing party witnesses with address, phone numbers of each, and brief statements of what witnesses will say.
  6. Photos of your residence (inside and out, children’s bedrooms, living areas, kitchen, etc.), opposing party’s residence (if possible) and family photos. Photos of you involved in activities with children (holidays, birthday parties, picnics, etc.). Provide a photo album with photos in place. Do not write on photos or photo album. You may use post-it notes to identify photos. (Photos must be copies. These photos will not be returned. They will be used as evidence.)
  7. Detailed account of case (using a timeframe of actual events).
  8. Documents for real life:
    • Electronic media regarding all parties, their spouse/paramours, family and witnesses (Instagram, Facebook, Craigslist, Internet dating sites, etc.) Do not highlight or mark on document; use post-it notes only.
    • Report cards, attendance records, school records
    • Children’s health records
    • Tax returns (most current) and last three current pay stubs of both parties.
    • Insurance policies (health, life, car, boat, homeowners, etc.) Copies only.
    • Deed, or other document of title of real estate/vehicles/property over $500.00. Copies only, No original documents.
    • Legal descriptions of all property
    • Tax appraisal district statements on real property
    • Expert appraisals on real property
    • Drug testing/counseling records
    • Employee benefits information, including retirement, etc.
    • Bank account statements
    • Credit card statements
    • Email, text messages and written communication to and from all parties. (Do not highliht or mark on documents. Use a post-it note only.) Copy all information, do not leave any portion of the text or email off (date, time, names, etc.)
    • Prepare a calendar documenting all time and events spent with the children.
  9. Inventory and appraisement
  10. Income and expense statements
  11. Save all documents regarding communications. Record future communications only if you are a party to that communication. Any recordings of communications that you are not a party to could subject you to criminal prosecution. (Phone calls, text messages, emails, Facebook, etc. Please note that you are probably being recorded by other party.)
  12. DO NOT discuss case with your children, and do not involve them in the process. You will hurt your kids and your case by involving them.