For over 20 years, the reputable attorneys at Hill & Hill have helped countless individuals and families in Cooke County, Texas, navigate through their legal dilemmas. Our team has the experience and expertise needed to ensure our clients get the result they deserve following the legal process.

As family lawyers and criminal defense attorneys, we have worked on a wide variety of cases over our two decades of work. In the family forum, we help clients through processes that are often strenuous, such as divorce and custody battles. In addition, we are available to help protect the rights of parents and grandparents, request protective orders for those in need and we help foster and adoptive parents in their endeavors. Regardless of your situation, we help your family from start to finish during your legal battles.

Our team also specializes in criminal defense, and we are readily available to help clients charged with drunk driving accusations, assault accusations and other felony charges. Also, we have served as the CDL attorneys of choice for many drivers.

If you have any questions about the types of cases we take on, contact us today for a free initial consultation.