After the dust has settled and your divorce is finalized, it is normal to wonder, “What now?” Divorce is a stressful and heartbreaking situation with a grieving process similar to that of losing a loved one. Until you experience this situation, it is impossible to tell how you will feel. Most individuals filter though a wide range of emotions as they recover from the loss of their partner and the tough divorce proceedings. After your divorce, remember that things will get better and allow yourself the time you deserve to grieve and recover from the loss of your relationship and the dreams and support that accompanied it.

Take Care of Yourself

While recovering from the shock, sadness and resentment that you may feel, it is important to remember to take care of yourself. Exercise and eat right, and remember to get enough sleep. Talk to a family member or close friend or make an appointment with a family counselor to discuss your feelings and work through the grieving process. Spending time with people who love and appreciate you will energize you to keep going. Identify, acknowledge and work through the whirlwind of emotions you are feeling, but do not dwell on them. Now that your divorce is finalized, you are free to heal and move forward in your life.

Allow Yourself to Grow

Make time for yourself each day by taking a yoga class, curling up with a good book or taking a walk – anything that makes you feel like yourself again! Stabilize your life with a new routine and make time to explore new interests and try things you never would have before.

It will take some time, but things will get better and you will be able to emerge from this situation stronger and happier, with a greater knowledge of yourself and the life you desire.

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