If you have been arrested for drinking and driving, the prosecution may have to prove intoxication. A breath test is the most common method for determining BAC. A breathalyzer machine called the Intoxilyzer 5000 is used in Texas.

It is important for you to know that breathalyzer test results are often inaccurate. An experienced attorney will challenge the test results.

You can avoid a license suspension, a conviction and the multitude of problems brought on by a drunk driving conviction.

Were you administered a breathalyzer test?

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Remember: you must act within 15 days to challenge the suspension of your drivers license.

We are Experienced DWI Attorneys Who Understand the Breath Test Results

Our attorneys have substantial knowledge of proper breath testing procedures, the technical components of breath tests and the ways in which the breathalyzer can produce inaccurate test results. Our firm can readily devise a strategy to challenge the breathalyzer test results.

Challenges to breathalyzer test results can be found by answering questions such as the following:

  • Was the test administrator certified at the time of the test?
  • Was the machine certified at the time of the test?
  • Was the machine properly calibrated?
  • Is there a record of the machine’s calibrating solutions’ temperatures?
  • Was the mouthpiece changed before the test was administered?
  • Is there a record of past test results?
  • Does the defendant have any medical conditions, such as diabetes, that could affect the test reading?

There are many more questions to consider as The Law Office of Brent Hill challenges the breath test results and builds your defense.

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