For truck drivers and others who require a commercial drivers license (CDL) to work, the loss of that license can be devastating. Your employment and your entire livelihood are immediately at risk. Hill & Hill provides experienced defense services to CDL holders who have been arrested for drunk driving and risk losing their commercial drivers licenses.

Arrested for drunk driving and have a CDL?

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In Texas, you have 15 days after a DUI/DWI arrest to challenge the suspension of your drivers license. If you have a CDL but were not driving the commercial vehicle at that time, your CDL privileges will still be affected.

At Hill & Hill, we can help you keep your CDL and your job.

If you are a commercial driver who has been arrested for drinking and driving, it is crucial to seek criminal defense services from an experienced lawyer who understands what is at stake. Call the law firm of Hill & Hill today at 940-381-3688 to arrange a free initial consultation.

We understand DUI and CDL issues and are dedicated to obtaining the best possible result on your behalf.

Have Concerns Regarding a DUI and Your Commercial Drivers License?
Our attorneys are former prosecutors who know how the case against you will be built. From the beginning of your case, we begin building the strongest defense possible. We provide vigorous DUI defense with a clear understanding of all issues involved in the case.

  • We know how breathalyzers work—and how they sometimes do not work, providing skewed results. Our firm is dedicated to obtaining the best possible result on your behalf.

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