Child Custody Laws in Texas

A divorce decree is not written in stone. Texas law recognizes that as circumstances change, aspects of your divorce can change. If you have had a substantial change of circumstance, for example the loss of a job or a remarriage, your child support, spousal support, child custody, or visitation rights may need to be changed.

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In family law rulings, enforcement actions can be taken against a party failing to follow court orders. There are several reasons one party may wish to pursue enforcement against the opposing party in a family law case. The major reasons for an enforcement action in child custody case are:

  • Failing to Follow Court-Ordered Visitation Rules
  • Failing to Adhere to Court-Mandated Custody Orders
  • Failing to Provide Court-Mandated Child Support

If a parent is found in contempt for violation of court orders related to support, custody or visitation, the court may order them to spend time in jail, pay a fine, or both. Keep in mind, the court may take into account if the person is employed and if putting them in jail will negatively impact the other party or their children. Judges may also place a party on probation for being found in contempt of court from an enforcement action.

If your ex-spouse is not paying child support, we can pursue enforcement of payment. If your ex-spouse has developed problems with drugs, alcohol, or other issues that may endanger the children, we can pursue changing custody arrangements to give you sole custody of your children.

Support, Visitation & Custody Modification

If there have been significant changes for you or your ex since the ruling, or, if you feel you were not treated fairly in your divorce, we may be able to seek a modification of your divorce decree. Either parent can file for a modification request with the last court that declared an order concerning the children in question. In cases where the child has lived in a new county for at least six months, either parent (whether they requested the modification or not) may also file to have the case transferred to the new county.

Keep in mind that a modification may only be requested in the event that there has been a substantial change in the lives of one or both of their parents. In cases where the last order has been issued within a year, there are even more complex legal steps required. Having an experienced, respectful, and talented Denton and Cooke County Attorney like Brent Hill who specialize in family and divorce law is a smart way to help navigating the modification process much easier and ensure that it is honored by the court.

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