Divorce can be hard on children and separate parent-teacher conferences will only make it worse. A new school year is almost here, making consistency especially important for your family. Navigating the new school year can be tricky for recently divorced parents, so follow our tips for a successful and enjoyable school year with your children:

Stick to a Plan

Once the school year begins there will be sports practice, concerts, field trips and more to consider. Although it may be painful, make the effort to sit down with your ex and plan all of these things out. Talk about who will pick the kids up from practice, who will take them on which long weekend and how field trips will be paid for. Once your plan is in place, do your best to stick to it throughout the year and be open to making changes if asked. Consistency is an important way to keep your kids on track and thriving throughout these life changes.

Create an Open Line of Communication

Communication can be tough for divorced couples, especially with the stress and excitement of a new school year. Keep your ex in the loop when it comes to schoolwork, dentist appointments and sports by creating a shared online calendar. This way you can keep each other up-to-date quickly and easily – without having to talk on the phone.

Watch your Children

Especially if your divorce is recent, your children may be having a hard time coping with the stress involved. Pay close attention to them and communicate with teachers to be sure your children are keeping up with their schoolwork despite the changes at home.

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