When arrested for driving while intoxicated (DWI), in most states you face such punitive repercussions as losing your license, immense punitive fees and even possible jail time. Once you have been arrested for a mistake you may have made, your absolute best course of action is to consult a lawyer as quickly as possible. Moreover, seek a lawyer with a strong background in serving DUI/DWI defendants.
Drinking is commonly accepted in our society as social lubricant. Alcohol is present or served at pretty much every gathering or event you have probably ever been to. So if you are ever caught behind the wheel with a few too many after a football game or leaving happy hour, you are not alone. Plenty of drivers have been in this situation before you, and plenty will be after you.
With the right legal counsel, DUI/DWI offenders can avoid jail time get their driver’s license back the same day they face the judge. But without expert litigation well-seasoned in this particular defense facet, the outcome is much less likely favorable. Don’t feel rushed or pressured into hiring any attorney in particular, rather, test the waters, interview a few litigators and decide who will work best to meet your needs.
Navigating the murky waters of DWI defense can be quite tricky. Cases of this nature are not black and white- they have plenty of grey area. So when you interview potential counsel to take on your case, really focus on their history. Ask them how many cases of this nature they have won for their clients against how many they have lost. Discuss what their strategy might be to win your case and- possibly most important- ask yourself if this is someone you can trust and want working for you.