Getting a divorce is never easy, and for those that are over 50,  going through a divorce brings a whole set of unique challenges.

Facing a divorce as an older adult can be particularly challenging in its own way. Whether you were waiting for an empty nest or just generally unhappy, divorces can happen for any number of reasons. Moving into this next uncertain chapter later in life can be scary and overwhelming, but there are some simple things you can do to prepare yourself to help make things easier for what’s to come.

Evaluate Your Finances

It’s important to give a hard look at what income you are still making as well as any retirement, savings, and pensions that may be coming in. This will help you prepare for the practical side of your new life ahead. This is also important to research as you enter into your divorce proceedings.

Prepare Yourself for Independence

It’s not uncommon that in marriages that each person plays to their strengths and tends to take the lead on certain aspects of day-to-day life. Whether one person handled the finances, laundry or cooking, it’s important to acknowledge that if in the past you were used to your partner handling these things that you need to prepare yourself to take on these tasks yourself.

Take Your Spouse Off of Important Documents

Once the dust settles, it’s important to remember to change your beneficiaries, will, emergency contacts and other important documents. It’s easy to forget this task but it should be done.

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