The dazzling, almost incapacitating, flashing lights and blinding spotlight are reflecting off your rear view mirror as you sit in your driver’s seat. Parked on the shoulder of the road, you hear the all too familiar steady gravel-crunching steps up to your window. “Do you know why I stopped you?” Will your answer emit the odor of alcohol?
You will know if the officer detected any signs of alcohol consumption when he asks those 6 little words every motorist dreads; “Pleas step out of the vehicle.” However, if you have been drinking and are pulled over by the police, stay calm and remember your rights, among them being the right to remain silent and the right to an attorney.
The only thing you are required to do under law at the officers request is step out of your vehicle and not resist arrest. This means you don’t have to answer “Have you been drinking tonight?” If you have not been drinking, answer him “No officer I have not.” But if you have been drinking- which you most likely have been, given the situation- do not answer him, and do not ever lie to the officer.
Exercising your right to remain silent is the basic component to your right to not incriminate yourself. Remember to carefully consider the answer to any question the officer has for you, as it will be used as evidence, and effective potential incrimination. This the same reason you should never submit to a breathalyzer test in the event you have been drinking.
Alright so you found yourself in the unfortunate situation, pulled over by the police while intoxicated. Remember these few tips and never talk to the police without a lawyer present. Oh and if at all possible, park your vehicle in a location it can safely and legally stay overnight in case you are detained. This way you don’t have to pay hundreds in towing fees.