From SXSW to Ozzfest, the summer is filled with music festivals that fans can enjoy. With a festival centered around nearly every type of popular music, fans of nearly any genre can find a musical festival that fits their tastes, making for a fun day or weekend out with family or friends.

While these music festivals are popular places to relax and watch music, they’ve also become a haven for recreational drug use. In the spirit of the festival, sometimes people make bad decisions and use these drugs if offered to them and end up paying the consequences. Police officers, both in uniform and undercover, are often present at these events and will arrest people they find who break the law.

While you should never do illegal drugs, Hill & Hill Attorneys can help you if you are accused of making a bad decision. Law enforcement, lawmakers and prosecutors are under pressure to prove they are tough on drugs, and sentences for a drug conviction can include heavy fines and imprisonment. If you are a parent, the state can even try to remove your children from your home.

At Hill & Hill Attorneys, we want to help defend you in your case and if you are convicted, ensure that your punishment is in accordance with the law. We will fight on your behalf to navigate the legal system regarding drug charges and help you put together the best case possible.

While drug use is never allowed, we understand that people make mistakes. At a music festival, it’s easy to get caught up in the moment or the mood of the day and feel that you won’t get caught. While you should always use your best judgment and avoid drugs, people are not perfect. In you find yourself in a situation like this, please give us a call. We represent clients in a wide range of drug cases from simple marijuana possession to more serious offenses.

Go out and enjoy the summer, but do it in a responsible way. If, however, you’ve made a mistake and found yourself in legal trouble, call the team at Hill & Hill Attorneys today at 940-381-3688.