Being charged with a drunk driving offense, whether it is a DWI or DUI, is a frightening and life-altering experience. There are probably a million questions running through your mind, one of them being “What will I tell me family?” With hefty fines and driving suspensions a very real possibility, the support of your loved ones is imperative during this time.

The embarrassment that follows a DWI arrest can make talking to those you love difficult, but telling your spouse about this charge is something you should not put off. Especially if your driver’s license is revoked, their support and assistance will be imperative to getting through everyday life and to court dates and other legal obligations. Under no circumstances should you operate a motor vehicle with a revoked license, since being caught doing so can greatly increase the penalties and charges you face.

Finding someone to talk to is even more difficult for single individuals charged with DWI, since any information you share can be used against you in court if the prosecution chooses to call upon your friends and family members as witnesses. Before discussing your drunk driving offense with friends and family, be sure to go over the information you plan to share with your attorney. Here at Hill & Hill Attorneys at Law, we recommend choosing one individual close to you – whether it is a sibling or parent – to help get you through this trying time.

Lean on those close to you for support and advice, but discuss their thoughts and ideas with your attorney before acting on them. This situation is stressful for those close to you too, so be considerate of the feelings of your loved ones and give them time to process the situation on their own.

Hill & Hill Attorneys at Law has the experience and knowledge to successfully defend you against your DWI charges. Contact our Denton, Texas office at 940-381-3688 immediately following your arrest and avoid discussing this personal and stressful matter with coworkers, relatives and friends before speaking to your attorney.